“Representing the diversity of our nation South Africa and proudly bringing the natural beauty of clay to your home. We are proudly South African creators of unique pottery dinnerware.”

Retail Online Shop


We have 2 online shops – you will be able to order on our “retail online shop” exactly what is advertised in colour, design, pattern and shape – no surprises. You are also able to add to your Wonki Ware dinner services with specific patterns and colours as displayed, at any time in the future. On the “factory online shop” you can only mix and match what is displayed – you cannot order off this website (For example, if you purchase 2 dinner plates pattern blue, you cannot order another 8 to match, what you see is what is available at that time). Also, on the factory online shop, the items are seconds and overruns, hence the reduction in price.
Due to the volume of product, we have broken the factory shop into the various categories, ie dinnerware, bowls, servers, etc. Please click on the dropdown to filter. Enjoy the shopping experience!

Factory Online Shop

Handmade & Beautifully Imperfect

A window into the process that has stood the test of time. 

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