– The item you receive may vary slightly in pattern and colour from the image viewed on the site. We produce a large variety of patterns, and while we do our best to showcase this variety online, you may receive a pattern different to the one viewed online.

– Plain sets may contain a mix of plain and beach sand (raw rim) unless otherwise specified.

– Dishwasher safe
– Non toxic
– Durable stoneware high fired clay
– Food safe
– Oven warming safe

No returns or exchanges due to obvious costs involved and keeping in mind this is a factory shop.

If you have bought a set from us I.e 6 dinner plates, and one or two are broken or has a clearly identifiable flaw we will refund the reject/defected item immediately. If you reside in South Africa, a replacement can be arranged. This needs to be reported to us within 3 days of receipt of goods, accompanied by photographs.
We will only consider a defect/flaw according to the following criteria
*. Chipped
*. Cracked
*. Broken on arrival
*. Anything that renders the item unfit for use.
If these are not reported to us within the stipulated timeframe, refund/replacement will not be considered.